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What is CHICKOW!?

This is Evan Wrye’s commercial brand identity and portfolio spanning 15+ years of work. Wrye is a graphic designer, audio/visual artist, filmmaker, and music producer. In 2008, Wrye graduated with a BA in Theatre, Film, and Dance from Humboldt State University. While going to college he started working on graphic design and video projects for various clients throughout Humboldt, and continues to do so to this day. In 2012 he focused his energy on music production and DJing by starting Phantom Wave, a record label showcasing experimental electronic music. Wrye has spoken about his short films at film festivals and performed live visuals for touring musical acts. He has worked as a projectionist back in the celluloid days and more recently at the historic Minor Theatre with their digital cinemas. Wrye is currently shooting a feature film under his Lost Frames production company, helping people with their commercial projects, and hanging out with his cat Master Paco.

If you have a project that you think Evan can help you with, feel free to send him an email at Wrye@CHICKOW.com